Tuesday’s Menu 7/24

Tropical Shake

Breakfast: Iced Coffee, Tropical Shake (OJ, banana, papaya, pineapple, mango, tofu)—all the tropical sweet fruits are in.

Lunch: Potato Salad, Chestnut Bread

Dinner: Cauliflower Curry, Wholewheat Flat Bread, Crackers and Nuts, Almond Tofu—I used to love Almond Tofu. It is just sweetened tofu with almond flavor. I tried to recreate it with almond milk and kanten (agar agar). It was a failed attempt.

Potato Salad and Chestnut Bread

Cauliflower Curry and Flat Bread

Crackers & Nuts

Almond Tofu




Friday’s Menu 7/13

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Cauliflower Curry over Basmati Rice, 4 Figs

Snack: Iced Coffee, Chestnut Bun

Dinner: Tomato-Basil Fusil with Marinaded Bell Pepper and Sauteed Swiss Chard—cleaning up the fridge. They all looked to go well together.

Dessert: Coconut Mochi from Fay Da Bakery

Cauliflower Curry over Basmati Rice

Chestnut Bun

Tomato-Basil-Bell Pepper-Swiss Chard-Pasta

Coconut Mochi

Tuesday’s Menu 7/10

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch Box: Cauliflower Curry over Basmati Rice, Turnip Coleslaw, Grape Tomatoes, Strawberries

Snack: Honey Nut Crunch

Dinner at Work from Pizzera 28: Bruschetta with Tomato and Olive Oil, Arugula/Tomato/Parmesan Salad—I shook off as much as parmesan. I promise.

Dessert: 2 Dark Chocolate Digestives

Tuesday’s Lunch Box

Arugula Salad, Bruschetta

Monday’s Menu 7/9

Tropical Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Tropical Shake

Lunch: Vegetarian Couscous, Marinaded Bell Peppers, Flat Bread, Strawberries

Dinner: Cauliflower Curry with Daal-Basmati Rice, 2 Figs, Strawberries—ok. I finally cooked over oven for 30 minutes.

Desert: Half Coconut Mochi, Half Sesame Ball from Fay Dah Bakery

Monday Box Lunch

Cauliflower Curry over Daal-Basmati Rice

Coconut Mochi and Sesame Ball

Sunday’s Menu 5/27

Apple Energy

Breakfast: Coffee, Apple Energy Drink (Apple Juice, Blueberries, Green Vibrance)—quick and refreshing drink. I didn’t want to fill up with my usual shake before a big DimSum lunch with friends.

Dim Sum at Buddha Bodai: BBQ Veg Meat, Shrimp Dumplings, Dumpling Cantonese Style, Watercress Dumplings, Fried Sticky Rice, House Special Congee, Buddha Bean Curd Rolls, Sauteed Pea Pod Leaves, Sweet Sticky Rice Balls with Coconut—Ohhhh, this is the best vegetarian restaurant in Chinatown. I missed to order my favorite Bean Curd Roll dish because I couldn’t remember its name. Next time, I will order every dish has “Bean Curd Roll” in it.

Potluck Supper at El Jadin: bites of hummus, 2 baby carrots, a small bowl of Veg Curry over Rice & Beans, a few Berries

Supper at home: Vegetarian Curry, Wholewheat Toasts, Pasta with Tomato, Basil, and Greens, Russian Dark Ale

Pea Pod Leaves

Watercress Dumplings

Dim Sum

Biscuit (donated)

Baby Carrots

My Veg Curry

Easy Supper

Thursday’s Menu 4/26

Green Goddess

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Vegetarian Curry, Khichdi, Roasted Beets and Mixed Green Salad, Orange

Dinner: Sauteed Kale/Beet’s Greens, Khichdi, Pita, Hummus, Quinoa Salad, Avocado, Grape Tomatoes

Lunch: Veg Curry, Khichdi, Beets Salad

Dinner: collection of left overs of the week