January 27th Menu

Very Green Shake

Very Green Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Very Green Shake (Kale, Green Vibrance, Green Apple, Tofu, OJ)

Coffee Break at Saurin Parke Cafe: Mocha, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dinner: Nimono (simmered fried tofu, taro, kon-nyaku), Yaki Mochi (toasted sticky rice cake dipped in soy sauce, and wrapped in Nori)

Snack: Butternut Squash Pancake with Banana—I kept eating Tea all day long today. It was a cold but sunny day on Central Park today.

Mocha and Cookie

Mocha and Cookie

Nimono and YakiMochi

Nimono and Yaki Mochi

Butternut Squash Pancake

Butternut Squash Pancake

January 3rd Menu

My Muesil

My Muesli

Breakfast: Coffee, My Muesli with Banana

Lunch: Roasted Acorn Squash with Kale and Carrots, Sauteed Kale and Petite Tomatoes—a left over lunch.

Dinner: Cold Soba Noodles with Dipping Sauce, Miso Soup, Sweet Brown Rice, Avocado Sashimi, Soy Beans—a left over dinner. M joked, “Have you got enough food?” I’m certainly full.

Roasted Squash and Sauteed Kale

Roasted Squash and Sauteed Kale

Soba Gozen

Soba Gozen



January 2nd Menu

Green Goddess

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake—my old blender died this morning with a few squeaks. I’m buying a vita-mix one, finally!

Lunch at Natural Nut: Scrambled Tofu, Curried Cauliflower and Potato, Cooked Seaweed with Sesame Seeds

Dinner: Baked Tofu, Sauteed Kale and Petite Tomatoes, Avocado Sashimi, Sweet Brown Rice, Nori, Black Beans—oh, I never get to tired of this kind of dinner. Yum yum.

Natural Nut unch

Natural Nut Lunch





Sunday’s Menu 11/25

Very Berry Milk Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Very Berry Milk Shake

Lunch: Split Pea Soup, Cranberry Walnut Toast

Dinner: Sauteed Broccoli, Vegan BBQ Pork, Sweet Brown Rice—I came home late, yet didn’t want to eat outside food. After heavy duty Chinese food on Thanksgiving, my stomach is recovering. I enjoyed my quiet food. 🙂

Split Pea Soup and Toast

Rice, Nori, BBQ Pork, Broccoli


Wednesday’s Menu 9/19

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Cold Soba Noodles with Nori and Dipping Sauce

Dinner: Refried Beans, Corn Tomatillo Salsa, Tomato, Avocado, Sauteed Baby Kale, Flat Bread, Banana Bread



Cold Soba Noodles

Mexican Plate





Monday’s Menu 8/6

Mixed Berry Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Mixed Berry Shake

Dim Sum Lunch at Buddha Bodai with families: BBQ Pork, Watercress Dumplings, Rice Shumai, Cantonese Dumplings, Shrimp Dumplings, Tofu Rolls, Spring Rolls, BBQ Pork Fried Rice, Vegetarian Steam Buns, Coconut Mochi

Dinner: Cold Sesame Noodles (soba noodles, sesame seeds, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, hot sesame oil, green bell pepper, pickled carrots, tomato, nori, peanuts), Cherries

Spring Rolls and BBQ Pork

dim sum

dim sum

Cold Sesame Noodles, Cherries