Friday’s Menu 7/13

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Cauliflower Curry over Basmati Rice, 4 Figs

Snack: Iced Coffee, Chestnut Bun

Dinner: Tomato-Basil Fusil with Marinaded Bell Pepper and Sauteed Swiss Chard—cleaning up the fridge. They all looked to go well together.

Dessert: Coconut Mochi from Fay Da Bakery

Cauliflower Curry over Basmati Rice

Chestnut Bun

Tomato-Basil-Bell Pepper-Swiss Chard-Pasta

Coconut Mochi

Sunday’s Menu 7/8

Apple Energy

Breakfast: Coffee, Apple Energy

Lunch: Toasted Cranberry-Whole Grain Panini Bread with Vegan Butterly Spread, Marinaded Bell Peppers, Sugar Snap Peas

Dinner: Home made Muesli with Banana and Almond Milk, Vegetarian Couscous, 5 Rice Crackers, 2 Digestives—my stomach was tired. I could not eat real dish, but I ate real food. 🙂

Toast Lunch

Cold Breakfast for Dinner

Friday’s Menu 7/6

Peachy Shake and Iced Coffee

Breakfast: Iced Coffee with Almond Milk, Peachy Shake (peach, banana, strawberries, OJ, soy protein)

Lunch Box: Lentil Burgers, Vegetarian Couscous, Sauteed Kale/Lamb’s Quarter—since my yesterday’s lunch was too greasy and heavy on the stomach, I decided to bring my own food for lunch. This was just perfect.

Cold Platter Dinner: Marinaded Bell Peppers, Muti-Grain Panini Bread, Sauteed Kale/Lamb’s Quarter, Berry Salad, Iced Mint Tea—no heat dinner. I really didn’t feel like cooking using oven because it heats up my kitchen 10 degrees higher. A nice satisfying cold dinner.

Friday’s Lunch Box

Cold Platter Dinner