Food that I’ve missed in Japan


Pasta! Since I’m vegan and gluten-free, I couldn’t go to a regular Italian or a noodle shop while I was in Japan. Believe or not, it was very challenging to find a gluten-free noodle in any form in a grocery store. It was even harder in a restaurant. So, the first thing that I made after I came back home in NYC was pesto spaghetti with sautéed broccoli rabe. I used gluten-free Barilla spaghetti. I think Barilla makes the best dried gluten-free pasta. It’s too bad, they don’t make organic versions.


Almost Vegan Gluten-free Christmas Dinner

Michel's Salad

Michell’s Salad

Fettuccine Mrinara

Fettuccine Marinara

Escarole with White Beans, and Mushrooms over Polenta

Escarole with White Beans, and Mushrooms over Polenta

Apple Crumbs

Apple Crumbs

My sister-in-law, Michell is a professional chef. She has been on gluten-free and 80% vegetarian diet for a while since she was diagnosed as a gluten intolerance level 5, which means a piece of bread would not kill her but gives her stomachache. I’m glad that she found out about it now than later. And I’m a beneficiary of this outcome because now she cooks fabulous gluten free almost vegan feast for her family and friends. The pasta she used for me was gluten free but included eggs, and tasted very good, cooked at al dente.