February 2nd Menu

Green Goddess

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake (I used soy protein powder instead of tofu since I was out of tofu. The result was not the same. The protein powder made it more smooth, but it changed the taste. I like tofu in my shake better.)

Lunch: I call this Vegan American Breakfast! (Home Fries, Colored Pepper, Roasted Beets, Curried Kale and Chickpeas)

Dinner at Teeda Thai with Friends: Pad See Ew with Tofu, Thai Vegetable Dumplings—a small gem in Redhook, Brooklyn. The Vegetable Dumplings smelled like and tasted like filled with green garlic in a sticky mochi like pastry. Very good. 🙂

Vegan American Breakfast

Vegan American Breakfast?

Vegetable Dumplings

Vegetable Dumplings

Pad See Ew- with tofu

Pad See Ew- with tofu


Monday’s Menu 11/19

Pink Shake

Pink Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Pink Shake

Lunch: Edamame Dumplings from Rickshaw Dumplings, Brown Rice, SHiitake Mushrooms, Pickled Plum

Dinner: Falafel Salad from Naya Express—late night at work. It’s due that I make my own falafels and hummus.

Edamame Dumplings, Brown Rice, Shittake Mushrooms, Pickled Plum

Falafel Salad

Sunday’s Menu 11/11

Green Goddess

Breakfast; Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch at Indian Road Cafe: Vegan Biscuits and Sausage with Gravy, Lemon Herbal Tea—a charming old fashion cafe at the end of the Manhattan. I could enjoy less gravy and more vegetables on side.

Snack Dinner at Vanessa’s Dumplings: Steamed Vegetable Dumplings, Sesame Pancake Sandwich with Vegetables—I heard so many good things about this place, but my experience was not that great. Dumplings were fine, but very dough heavy type. Sesame sandwiches are not worth ordering.

Biscuits and Sausage with Gravy

Vanessa’s Dumplings


Monday’s Menu 11/5

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Salad Bar Lunch (Curried Scrambled Tofu, Cabbage Dumplings, 2 Riceballs)

Dinner: Tofu and Mustard Green with Black Bean Sauce, Rice, Avocado Sashimi, Mixed Berry Cobbler

Salad Bar Lunch

Tofu and Mustard Green with Black Bean Sauce

Mixed Berry Cobbler



Friday’s Menu 11/2

Home-made Oatmeal Cereal

Breakfast: Home-made Oatmeal Cereal with Nuts and Dried Fruits, Coffee

Lunch at Minar (again): Masala Dosa—one of my favorite Indian dish

Dinner: Mustard Leaf Dumplings, Sauteed Kale and Cauliflower, Baked Beans—still cleaning up the contents of the fridge. Luckily vegan food don’t parish as fast as dairies or meat or fish.

Masala Dosa

Candle Light Dinner


Friday’s Menu 10/26

Purple Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Purple Shake (Mixed Berries, Kale, Tofu, Apple Cider)

Lunch: Edamame Dumplings from RIckshaw Dumplings, 2 Rice Balls, Spinach Salad

Dinner: Scallion Noodles with Pan Fried Cauliflower—I love this dish. So simple and so good. Pan Fried Cauliflower is like popcorns.

Edamame Dumplings, Rice Balls, Spinach Salad

Scallion Noodles with Pan Fried Cauliflower


Wednesday’s Menu 10/24

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: 2 Rice Balls, 8 Edamame Dumplings from Rickshaw Dumplings—Mmmm good. Edamame dumplings hit the spot.

Dinner: Beet Stew, White Rice with Nori

Rice Balls

Edamame-dumplings from Rickshaw Dumplings

Beet Stew and Rice






Tuesday’s Menu 10/2

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Pesto Spaghetti with Grape Tomatoes—I’m out of pine nuts. I used walnuts instead. It tasted different, but still good.

Dumpling Dinner: Mustard Leaf Dumplings, Sauteed Swiss Chards, Potato Salad, White Rice, Pickled Baby Carrots

Pesto Spaghetti

Dumpling Dinner



Saturday’s Menu 8/18

Very Berry Milk Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Very Berry Almond Milk Shake

M’s Birthday Lunch at Rice in Dumbo: Free Scones with Lemon Butter, Vegetarian Meatballs with Thai Black Rice with Edamame, Vegetable Steam Dumplings, Spinach Riceballs—we biked over Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn. While M was chasing after puffy clouds, I was looking for food. I knew Rice was there. It turned out to be a very good vegetarian friendly lunch on a deck outside. Vegetarian Meatballs were soft and creamy, made of tofu and bit of carrots, and good. Thai Black Rice was very good and was M’s favorite. We were hungry and ate as much as we could, yet we left half of a riceball behind.  🙂

Late Night Supper: a bowl of  left-over Pesto Pasta.

Dessert: Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream and Strawberry Ice Cream from Lula’s–Chocolate Fudge was awesome. Strawberry was weak in flavor. Maybe someone made a mistake not to put enough strawberries in this batch?

M’s Birthday Lunch at Rice—yum yum!

Free Scone for everyone at brunch time, Rice


A bowl of Pesto Pasta for a late supper

Ice Cream from Lula’s

Monday’s Menu 7/30

Coffee and Green Smoothie

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Smoothie

Lunch at Rubin Museum Cafe: 5 Edamame Momos, White-Ginger Tea—the dumplings were delicious. I could eat dozen more.

Dinner: Fried Rice, Pea Leaves Dumplings, Chocolate Fruit Balls—the lunch made me want to eat more dumplings. Luckily I had Pea Leaves Dumplings from May Wah.

5 Edamame Momos for Lunch

Vegetarian Dumpling Dinner

Chocolate Fruit Balls