Soshoku (simple diet? Lean diet?)


Bean Salsa, Yuzu Sesame Tempeh, Hijiki (seaweed) Salad, Steamed Cauliflower with yuzu dressing, Brown Rice

This is my version of Shojin Ryori (simple vegan meal for monks). I was inspired by bean salsa that I had over the weekend. His version had a lot more ingredients than what I did here and more soupy. Mine became more like salad than salsa. Hijiki salad is not vegan because I used fish-kombu broth to cook with. I could have used shiitake mushroom-kombu broth to be true vegan. The Japanese broth is pretty much the only cheating that I do. Shiitake mushroom-kombu broth is good, but not the same. If you can’t find yuzu juice, substitute with lime juice or lemon juice. But use less if you are using lemon juice, because yuzu is more subtle than lemon.

Bean Salsa:

1 ear of fresh sweet corn (scrape kernels off with a knife)
1 cup cooked beans (azuki beans and pinto beans used here)
3 scallion stalks (chop small)
1/4 red onion (small dice)

One or All of followings:
1 avocado (1/2″ cubes)
2″ cucumber (1/2″ cubes)
1 tomato (1/2″ cubes)
1/2 bell pepper (1/2″ cubes)

1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp Lime juice
1 tsp chipotle powder
1/2 tsp cumin powder
1/2 tsp coriander powder
1/2 black pepper
1/2 tsp sea salt

Cut up vegetables all about 1/2″ cubes. Mix them with beans, corn, and spices. Let it sit at least for 10 minutes.

Yuzu Sesame Tempeh:

1 block tempeh (1/2″ thick slice)
2 Tbsp yuzu juice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tsp hot sesame oil
2 tsp maple syrup

Soak temper slices in the marinade for at least 1 hour. You can leave them over night.

Bake, panfry, or broil them for 10 minutes or so until they become golden brown.


1 head cauliflower
2 Tbsp yuzu juice
2 Tbsp soy sauce
1 Tbs maple syrup

Break cauliflower into florets. Steam them just enough about 1 minute.

Mix the yuzu dressing. Drizzle over the steamed cauliflower.


Thursday’s Menu 9/20

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Collective Left-over Lunch: Tomato-Basil Pasta, Corn Tomatillo Salsa, Refried Beans

Dinner: Oats ‘n Honey Bar, Rice Crackers and Nuts—I missed a chance to eat a proper dinner, and it became too late to eat. A rare occasion for me not to have a proper meal.

Collective Left-over Dinner

Oats ‘n Honey Bar

Rice Crackers & Nuts



Wednesday’s Menu 9/19

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Cold Soba Noodles with Nori and Dipping Sauce

Dinner: Refried Beans, Corn Tomatillo Salsa, Tomato, Avocado, Sauteed Baby Kale, Flat Bread, Banana Bread



Cold Soba Noodles

Mexican Plate





Monday’s Menu 9/3

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Falafel, Pita, Corn Salsa, Tomato, Limeade

Dinner: Refried Beans, Sauteed Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Carrots, Swiss Chards, Daiya Cheddar Cheese, Pita, Corn Salsa, Limeade, Raw Chocolate Oats Cookies

Falafel with Corn Salsa

Pita Qusadilla with Corn Salsa

Raw Chocolate Oats Cookies—awesome!




Tuesday’s Menu 8/14

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Green Goddess, Coffee

Mexican Lunch: Rice & Beans, Guacamole, Corn Salsa, Herbal Hot Cinnamon Tea

Mexican Dinner: Rice & Beans, Corn Salsa, Blue Corn Chips, Grape Tomatoes

Treat: Dark Chocolate Covered Digestives, Garibaldis—treats from an English Store

Mexican Lunch

Mexican Dinner

Dark Chocolate Digestive Cookies





Monday’s Menu 8/13

Green Goddess and Iced Coffee

Breakfast: Iced Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Guacamole, Corn Salsa, Corn Tortillas, Ratatouille, Sauteed Kale, Limeade

Dinner: Fried Rice with Kale and Dried Tofu, Tomato, Chocolate Pudding

Corn Lunch

Fried Rice with Kale and Dried Tofu

Chocolate Pudding