January 27th Menu

Very Green Shake

Very Green Shake

Breakfast: Coffee, Very Green Shake (Kale, Green Vibrance, Green Apple, Tofu, OJ)

Coffee Break at Saurin Parke Cafe: Mocha, Chocolate Chip Cookie

Dinner: Nimono (simmered fried tofu, taro, kon-nyaku), Yaki Mochi (toasted sticky rice cake dipped in soy sauce, and wrapped in Nori)

Snack: Butternut Squash Pancake with Banana—I kept eating Tea all day long today. It was a cold but sunny day on Central Park today.

Mocha and Cookie

Mocha and Cookie

Nimono and YakiMochi

Nimono and Yaki Mochi

Butternut Squash Pancake

Butternut Squash Pancake

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