Tuesday’s Menu 8/21

Green Goddess

Breakfast: Coffee, Green Goddess Shake

Lunch: Mushroom Moussaka, Flat Bread, Limeade—I love eggplants, but I don’t cook eggplants often, so I decided to create one of my favorite eggplant dish, Moussaka. I followed the recipe completely (except I switched from parmesan cheese to vegan mozzarella, and milk to soy milk), which I almost never do. Yet I was not crazy about the result, because it was too cheesy! I scraped off  half of the béchamel sauce. Next time, I will use just a bit of vegan mozzarella instead of béchamel sauce. It’s disappointing when a dish requires hours of work turned out not to be great.

Dinner: Mushroom Moussaka, Blue Corn Chips, PIckled Cucumber and Celery

Mushroom Moussaka

Mushroom Moussaka for dinner



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